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Jul 20

The race is on..

Time is really winding down. We’re officially without bedroom furniture. I came up with the bright idea of using an air mattress which we are now doing so we’re not on the floor.

Either tomorrow or the next day they’ll be coming for a smaller shipments of goods. Clothes (which we’ve already separated for the most part), dishes (which I’ll split so we have some to use here and some there) and my computer are the biggies.

These things should show up slightly faster than the rest of our stuff, only I don’t think it’s enough time to make much of a difference. They estimated 45 days for the “express” shipment and 50 for the regular stuff so I don’t think it pays to make a big deal about stuff that will only be there 2 weeks earlier and that’s still a month and a half we have to wait. But maybe it won’t matter because we don’t know how long we’ll be waiting for a house anyway.

After that stuff, we just have to go through the stuff and figure out what we’re packing in luggage or what we’ll need that we will mail ourselves because we’ll still need it after they pick up our stuff – like the air mattress and blankets, etc.

So right now I’m doing dishes and laundry in the washers and just waiting. I’ll try to give a call early tomorrow morning to see when TMO is coming, hopefully Tuesday.

It’s just another one of those “hurry up and wait” situations.

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