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Aug 13

The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn

This really applies to several aspects of my life lately. Obviously, I think you can tell that I’ve seen The Dark Knight with my Batman fiendish husband. We saw it in an iMax and I was disappointed that a) It wasn’t a full iMax and b) only some of the scenes were filmed with an iMax camera. With that said, the movie was still much better than I expected – it went by very fast despite its long time – and much better than Batman Begins. However, I still prefer Transformers.

Nevertheless, this thought applies to my current situation. I’ve felt stir crazy for some time now, even before leaving Misawa, and being “locked” up in the in laws’ house in a strange city hasn’t helped to ease the feeling. I like to have a little privacy and space, even away from Ryan, and that hasn’t happened much here.

The good news is that even though this past week has been a little rough, we now purchased a car which will soon take us to base and temporary lodging there and eventually to our own home where I will get a kitty!

Which brings me to the last darkness. Today we spent a lot of money! A lot! We purchased a car (used and we are financing a bit of it) as well as put down money on a rather expensive ($831) mattress set including the shipping fee. It’s a little stressful even though we can afford it but I definitely feel like we are finally doing things as adults. Of course, we still have a whole bedroom set to purchase as well as some other furniture but we’ve already done a bit of browsing and I was able to find the set I liked online, in the local store which makes things much easier.

Despite everything, I feel life is heading to a brighter place. How hokey, right?

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