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Mar 10

The Nature of the Beast

Sex is neither inherently good or evil, in the same way that no material object is good or bad. Sex, when used incorrectly, can be debilitating and life altering while sex, with good intentions, would be described as some as magical. For some reason, some folks can only see one half of the sex coin. It seems like I know far too many people who are using sex for the wrong reasons.

I know so many women who become obsessed with sex and start to view it as the only thing about them that is appealing which is never the truth. They whore out their bodies in an attempt to feel better about themselves and are surprised, even stupefied, when they still feel just as badly. They try to convince themselves that they are happy or should be but it’s just not the case. I don’t know why people, women especially, do that to themselves. It’s easy to tell that someone who wants you for only sex will dump you as soon as someone better looking, more adventurous, younger etc arrives on the scene.

On the other hand, people use sex to manipulate their relationships. It becomes a tool of power, not something which is shared and meaningful but something which can help you get your way or keep a person in “their place.” Everyone involved starts to see an action which can be beneficial and joyful as negative. Perhaps it makes them angry, resentful or even fearful. This approach shouldn’t really be surprising as sex has been used to control people through the ages and not just by individuals. Certainly the issue of gay rights arises as well as age of consent and religious teachings.

At the end of the day, I cannot look at sex as something which many possibilities, some of which may seem conflicting but none of which are carved in stone.

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