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Nov 05

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I cannot believe it is already November 4th and today is voting day. Of course, I do not get to go to the polls because a) I can’t vote here but more importantly b) I already voted. I don’t get any shiny stickers. Boohoo. Nevertheless, I hope the rest of you get out there and vote. A president doesn’t need to win by a landslide, he just needs to win by 1 vote. Some of the most recent elections have been decided by just a few votes.

It’s not just voting, though. I was so excited for Halloween and it came and passed so quickly. I wish it were a longer lasting holiday but the day after it’s done, it’s already a new month. I think Christmas has it better because there’s still 6 days left in the month so the season does not have to end immediately.

My Halloweens the past few years have been pretty lame. For the past 2 years we bought candy only to have no trick or treaters. I really want to do something for the holiday and love dressing up but I don’t want to be here. Rather, I want to be with my friends. Halloween is so exciting for me but lately’ it’s just come and gone so quietly that it’s been depressing.


Don’t worry, though. I’m already angry about Christmas decorations and music being present in stores.

One comment on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

  1. Nik

    WHY do people need to decorate for Christmas already? REALLY. That irritates me too!

    AND I’m happy you voted. I could send you my sticker if you’d like!

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