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Oct 05

The Ignorant and the Blind

Tonight we saw Blindness which was interesting and perhaps not as action packed as the trailers made it out to be. However, it was very intellectual and not a bad movie at all.

Ryan and I also had dinner with his mother at a nice Italian place with very good food and some deluxe pizzas. While we were dining, we left Phantom at Ryan’s parents where we had taken him over to show him off and introduce him to the dog, Misty. Although they are not best friends yet, it went better than expected.

We stopped first at Petsmart to have them trim Phantom’s nails where the adoption lady told us that he was one of two burn kitties. Some teenagers had put some kind of acid on Phantom and his sibling and when the Humane Society got them, they were all burned. It really makes me so sad because he is such a beautiful kitty and it either takes someone so cruel or stupid to do something like that. Luckily, he’s completely healed and still a very happy cat but just the idea makes me so upset. Grr!

Besides playing a lot of Lego Batman and arguing with Ryan over how he plays, life has been quiet.

2 comments on “The Ignorant and the Blind”

  1. I really loved Blindness. Except, for that full hour in the middle where I was constantly uncomfortable thanks to the subject matter.

  2. People who abuse animals is totally not okay. That shit pisses me off worse than most things. It makes me want to beat the person. And a kitty, even worse, I am such a kitty person, I have two fluffballs of my own, spoiled indoor kitties no less. Them bastards!!!

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