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Aug 20

The heat.

It’s too hot. This is the-don’t-want-do-anything-feel-like-a-sloth-who-sticks-to-
everything-she-touches-and-feels-sick kinda hot. The AC is on and I can’t feel it in this room. I’m covered in a layer of sweat, nothing’s cool enough. I’m sticking to the desk and my stomach hurts. Ugh. To top it off we’re under a tornado warning.

When you mouseover an 8 link it looks like a 0. -lol*

Yesterday morning I woke up at like 8:30 and I got ready to go down to school.. Ginger came with.. we got my schedule and she’ll be okay to get hers..

We went to the Asian store.. I got some Mt dew and YanYan she got an eggroll. We walked back and I swear I was going to melt.

I worked on the Crow site a bit until Robyn called and asked me if I was going to meet them down at the mall. I had forgotten and had no money but nonetheless I said yes and had John drive me down there. I walked around the mall aimless for like 1/2 an hour and then i finally sat down..

Nikki, Robyn, and Ashley found me.. Robyn was on the phone with Rich and I gave him directions to the mall form Taco Bell. The directions made perfect sense, I asked about 4 people, but somehow he did not wind up in that parking lot.

He got there though. We had no idea what he and his friends looked like so we asked Robyn. Her description could have been about any of the guys in Wausau. -lol* But we kept looking for a group of 3 guys, and Ashley goes to Robyn “Is that them?” She stares for about 5 minutes before determining it is. Just then Nikki decides we need to run, so I drag her over to the group. We wander to the book store, where Ashley decides she needs to pee so we just leave Rich and his friends in Walden’s. -laughs*

Okay skip ahead, we wind up getting ice cream, waste some more time in the mall. Nikki keeps disappearing on us, because she’s bored. So we ask what she wants.. She wants soda, Mt dew, only there is none in the mall. We get out to the parking lot Rich should’ve have been in, but he wasn’t. We decide to go to Robyn’s house, but stop at mine first. Ashley calls in to work, I fix my makeup.. We head to Robyn’s.. After kicking her mom out of the basement we sit down there figuring out what to do.. and waiting for Nikki to get back.. We decide to go bowling..

So we bowl, by my second turn my fingers are hurting.. I get second both games.. We leave and go to Perkins.. After confusing the hell outta the waitress we oder. I eat too much.. Nikki drops off Robyn and Ashley at Robyn’s and takes me home.

I decide I want to go for a walk so I call Ginger.. We start walking and out of nowhere this truck pulls up and the guy says “excuse me” We figure he needs directions so we walk over.. He asks us if we want to make $100, Ginger asks how and he replies “How do you think?” So we say no and keep walking..

This cat start following us and almost gets hit two times in the process. So we pick it up and head back the way she was coming. She was really nice, and we keep putting her down but she follows.. Finally we get by my friend Randy’s house and Ginger’s like “Wait, he has a cat, and she’s really friendly, maybe she’s his” So we put her down and she stays..

We decide to go back home and on the way we get dangerously close to this UPS looking truck. It rattled funny and I kept expecting someone to jump out the back and grab us.. Ah well that was my day..

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