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Apr 04

The Girl With a Fire

I bought myself a Kindle Fire. When I realized that taxes weren’t going to be as much as I thought, I decided I needed to treat myself. I rarely do. I’m always trying to save for something that doesn’t exist and fretting about every dollar, but once I made the decision to get a Kindle Fire, there was no going back. I loved it in the store, and it far surpassed the Nook Tablet, which was the only other option I was really considering.

I’ve already gotten so much use out of it. I’ve acquired over 20 books, I’ve borrowed two from Amazon and I’ve used my free Prime membership to purchase from the store. Some apps, like Angry Birds Space, just work so much better on the screen. I’m finding the screen super easy on the eyes and the thin profile is just so preferable to actual books, especially clunky hardcover ones. In fact, I think my Kindle has made me realize that I hate physical books. Le gasp, I know.

I just want to read and read and read and read.

2 comments on “The Girl With a Fire”

  1. Dez

    I have a NookColor because it was the first to come with a color touch screen. I’ve been debating over and over if I should switch to a kindle fire because we use Amazon a lot, have a Prime membership, and the books are cheaper but the thing that’s been stopping me is the lack of external storage. Sure it uses cloud storage but I dunno.

    I may eventually buy Jeremy one as a present so that he has one of his own because I know he likes the Kindles. We’ll see though. Wish you lived closer so I could really test it out. The store models look nice though!

    Now you have to buy an awesome cover for it! I know that I read a ton more now that I have my Nook. Not to mention I can now read a ton of books that the library didn’t have or that I was too much of a cheapass to buy.

  2. Congrats on your purchase! I have the old-school Nook – touch navigation/open panel at the bottom, but otherwise non-touch, and black and white. It’s very “plain”, but in a way it’s good for me that it’s stripped of apps and other snazzy things. It gives me the opportunity to disconnect for a bit. :)

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