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Aug 25

The Future is Calling

Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.
Denis Waitley

The future it unknown. To me, to you, to anyone. And this used to terrify me. I used to try to control things in the present because I feared the future would be something uncomfortable, something I didn’t want. Ironically, the future did turn out to be something I didn’t want. Only, the future was now my present and I was stuck in it, for better or worse.

So I did the only logical thing and I began learning how to appreciate what I did have: my friends, my family, my pets, my job. I taught myself to be grateful. I began to seek enjoyment from the little things, the things I may have overlooked before. And wouldn’t you know it, I became happy. Happier than I’ve ever been.

And there’s where I am now. So when I look at the future, I don’t fear that I don’t know what it will bring. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it will be more awesome than I could ever imagine. And even if there are bumps in the road, and I am sure there will be, if I can manage to be happy now then I’m pretty sure that I can make myself be happy at any times.

So if you want to know what I am looking forward in the future? I say all of it.

Because no matter what happens. Whether or not I see my friends and family soon, whether I get to plan a Halloween party, whether I wind up moving across the country, whether college happens sooner rather than later, I will be happy regardless. Because my happiness depends not on any person or any event but on me.


5 comments on “The Future is Calling”

  1. I think that is a great way to look at it :)

  2. Dez

    You’ve inspired me months ago with the CBT stuff. It really does work and it’s amazing just what/who we take for granted.

    I too look forward to all of the future, with the exception of growing old and dying. I fear that.

  3. Long term happiness is more about how you react to situations than about the situations themselves. There are so many people that ignore that fact. I’m glad you’ve got it figured out!

  4. Amen. Too many people rely on others to be happy. If you can’t make yourself happy, how is anyone else supposed to? Also, it’s great that you have the “make the most of things” mindset. Too many people — my husband included — mope about what they don’t have, instead of appreciating what they *do* have and trying to make the best of things.

    Minus the aging and dying part, I look forward to the future as well, and everything it’ll bring.

  5. I like how you look at this topic! It’s very inspiring and uplifting!

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