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Jun 04

The first day of my life

hearing: Metal for the Masses II
feeling: Great
wanting: Nothing, for once

Today was fun. Yesterday was my last day of school and because I either had no exams or took them during class, I did not have to go today, nor Monday or Tuesday. So Ashe and I had planned to go to the mall to get Bourbon chicken with Schmidty, Destiny, and whoever else wanted to come.

Ashe called at quarter to 11, and came over while I checked my e-mail, filled out some loan information, etc. We were supposed to leave at noon but I took a while and had to take a shower. finally I was ready, but decided that if we were going to buy anything I had to cash a check, and since today is the last day I get paid form tutoring, asked Ashe if she wouldn’t mind going there first so I could cash/deposit all my checks at once.

We went to school first and Schmidty wasn’t there but we saw him in his car as we were driving away and arranged to meet back there after we went to work and after her dropped Tammy off at the mall. We went, got my check, and returned. We found Schmidty and set off toward my bank but because there’s too many one ways downtown, and I didn’t know which way to go exactly, the trip took much longer and we made many a wrong turns. We finally arrived and it was so busy. Then, Schmidty had to play with the calculator and I was embarrassed.

Finally, we made it to the mall and found Destiny along with Charlie and Chris. Chris elf soon after we bought bourbon chicken but the rest of us stayed and talked for a while. It was enjoyable.

Then we started wandering around the mall, and our first destination was Hot Topic. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I remembered I had the gift card and the shirt I had wanted last week was on sale, so I bought that along with the Metal for the Masses II CD which also has a second disk with 150 MP3’s.

Schmidty and Charlie left to go to the bookstore and we stopped at the card store where Ashe bought me a bday card with polar bears. It’s cute. Unfortunately, then we lost Schmidty and Charlie because they weren’t at the bookstore when we arrived. We looked for them, and after a while we found Matt and some other chick..

So after a while we decided Schmidty was not in the mall and we would go back to the car. Then we see Schmidty and Charlie and it turns out they went to the library because they thought that’s where we went. I found it funny because my books were still in Schmidty’s car which was locked. At the library they made Charlie throw away my bourbon chicken. )=

So we headed to the library and returned my books and went down to the little park thing by the river. Then I took them across street and we crossed this old train bridge thing which freaked out Ashe. I showed them this place down by the dam which was cool and then we cross the river where the kayaking events will be taking place next month, and walked back to the car. There’s this cool building next to the dam which I would love to buy. It’s brick and has a really old feel, kinda British, to it.

Anyway, then we parked downtown to stop into this shop that Ashe wanted to go to and she found a nice plant to buy her mother. We stopped at this little cafe and had root beer floats, which was fun but my stomach was full and by the time we left I felt as though I was going to hurl. We went to uncle Oscar’s which has vintage clothing, an old bookstore, and then Janke bookstore. Ashe found something to buy herself there, a stuffed duck, and it was fun.

They dropped me off at home and I opened my mail: a letter from my first grade teacher. I think she just changed the names and sent the same letter to each of the students in our class, but that’s okay. She included some things she wrote after our first grade year, which was also the last year she taught first grade in that school. It closed a few years later, and all the classes after mine went to a neighboring school. She also sent each of us a copy of a story we wrote. I’m going to write her back because it was really sweet of her.

Yesterday I called Rian, and that was fun. I really missed him and it was becoming unbearable. On the flip side, I have started to catch up on some things. ;) I love talking to him, though, so I don’t mind being a little behind.

Monday night is graduation and practice is that afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon is both Wendy’s party at her dad’s and Christina’s grad parties and I’d like to go to Wendy’s and show up at Chis’ a little later because it’s a sleepover, but I have no ride to either. Then on Sunday Wendy is having another party’s at her mom’s and I really want to go to that, but don’t know if I can.

Also, next weekend is Christina’s, Melissa’s, Lary’s, and Ashe’s parties. It’ll be insane because they’re ALL on Saturday, and Lary’s is a sleepover. So.. I don’t know. If Tim has the car tomorrow, then things should be a little easier..

Bleh, I’m going to end this now.

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