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Jul 13

The Fifth Photo

I was tagged by Dez for this photo meme. You wouldn’t figure it was so hard. I was worried my fifth photo would be an image (as everyone else seemed to be posting photos). In the end, the fifth folder within My Pictures didn’t even have 5 photos so I just went to my photos folder which actually had a usable photo. LOL

1. Go to your fifth picture folder, and choose your fifth picture.
2. Post the pic and tell us the story behind it.
3. Tag a friend to do the same.


Um, this photo was taken on a lovely, overcast day at this little park not far from my house when I was living with Wendy or Ashley (can’t recall). It is not the best shot of the time. Actually, this whole set is kinda significant as it highlights the first time I ever enjoyed photographing anything. Although not the best photos, I enjoy them.

I tag Nik!

One comment on “The Fifth Photo”

  1. Cool photo. Thanks for sharing.

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