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Jul 24

The Bare Necessities

So Ryan thinks my blog sucks these days or something. Whatever. d= I do think it’s suffered a bit from me being busy with some others projects, some of which are more secretive than others.

The moving stuff has also kept me busy periodically. I am not officially living in a stuff-less apartment – no furniture (we invested in an air mattress), no dishes, no computer, no good fan, no TV (and no DVDS to go with it). Needless to say, I’m pretty bored.

I can only spend so much time on the laptop. A) because it sucks. B) Because it’s uncomfortable to use and C) because I don’t have my stuff on here I can only do a little shallow e-mail checking and web surfing – nothing that I get really busy with.

I’ve been playing a lot more DS – I got back into Nintendogs. I also just finished a book and have a few more to keep me busy. It’s not enough though. Luckily, this is only for a few days until we go to the inn which will at least have a DVD player (and furniture!) to keep us busy. It’s also within walking distance to pretty much everything on base and most things right off base, too.

The getting ready was a little frustrating. My sleeping schedule is not conducive to happy days. I had been up for some time when the movers showed up around 8:30 – although I swear the guy said some time between 11 and 3 – and they only took about 2 and a half hours to wrap everything and move it to the truck. It was definitely fast but, then, I suppose it is their job!

Unfortunately, some things were packed that I didn’t intend to be (plastic silverware, duh!) and that shouldn’t have been (we were told no spices so I put them aside but they packed them anyway) and some things didn’t make the cut (most cleaning things). One of the thing I hate about moving is that you seem to have to throw away so much perfectly useful stuff because it doesn’t necessarily pay to move it and it may not be expensive or hard to replace but I still hate getting rid of stuff I paid for. I like to use things up to the last drop.

That’s all for now folks.

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