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Aug 01

The Adventures of Little Mexican Kid

I have had the glorious honour of chatting with a person whom we shall call Little Mexican Kid. While he was able to link to pages and files of my site, he was not able to tell me exactly why he had messaged me. Alas, his English skills were too poor.

However, he was able to profess his love for me after knowing me for all of 2 minutes. Of course, as flatted as I was, I had to let him down gently and so I said “You do not love me. That’s silly.”

Sadly enough, he did not understand and after trying, unsuccessfully might I add, to see my picture many times (yes, he did find me from my site) he told me this “that horse not are I” in reference to his default horse icon on MSN.

No, really? I never would have thought as much but I am glad you set the record straight Little Mexican Kid. Without you, Little Mexican Kid, where would I – nay! Where would the millions of people of the world be had you not told us “that horse not are I?” I tremble at the mere though of the world in such a hellish state. I really do..

But Little Mexican Kid, we cannot be. No, no because I gave me heart to a slightly older, better looking Mexican kid who speaks fluent English but because you are a fucking retard.

Thank you very much!

Read chat here

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