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Aug 10

Tell Me I’m Overreacting

Saturday night, I saw Goliath has a tapeworm. At first I was like “Eww” and then I was worried about my kitty baby (and where he sits). My internet skillz produced an easy to get medicine, if not for a slightly harsh price tag and since I was going to be running some errands, I wasn’t too put off about that. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that Goliath got the tapeworm from swallowing a flea and that does have me worried. I don’t want him to have fleas or for him to give them to me or Phantom. I feel like fleas are crawling all over me, now.

I also don’t necessarily want to buy medicine if he doesn’t have anything but I guess that’s how I am about everything so this is really stressing me out. Jenn is all “Pfft, I can’t help you” about my cheapness but have you seen the prices for flea medicine? Even when they’re cheap, they’re not. I’m actually waiting for Phantom’s vet to call me back about some options, though because even if I’m cheap, I’m not cruel.

I suppose it’s better safe than sorry, right?

One comment on “Tell Me I’m Overreacting”

  1. totally understand what you mean about being torn between price and love of a pet. As pet owners we do what ever we can but we do not want to be overcharged and also want to cut corners where we can. This is often tough so I salute you for thinking about your choices

    thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck in contest you entered

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