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Mar 10


On Lavish there is a forum called “Dear X” where you can write letters “to” people without them ever seeing them. I wrote this to/about CSM Kim, one of my immediate supervisors.dear x,
while I think that you are a pretty nice person in general, and you’re more competent than some of my other supervisors, I think you should know that you have the world’s most obnoxious personality and you’re job is redundant. I don’t need a supervisor and I’m not stupid, if you haven’t notice.

Speaking of you being an unnecessary addition to the payroll, if we don’t need you, why do you feel that we do?! Why do you never takes breaks?! We can take care of ourselves and we’ll probably be better off if you go away.
You probably realize this to a point – which is why you tell us to do stuff (which we already know) just to be authoratative which only angers us more.
I don’t need you to tell me I’m going on 17 when it’s just you, me and Diane. I always go on 17 when it’s us 3.
I don’t need you to tell me to go on lunch at 2:30 when I always go at 2:30.
I don’t need you to tell me to sign off and I especially don’t need you to do it for me! I am not stupid.
You are a member of management, technically, so you should not be afraid to talk to other members of management. I am not. When I need to ask something, I ask it!
The way you always eavesdrop is rude, to say the least! If I am having a conversation with someone and did not invite you, back the fuck off! If you think I’m wasting time, then say so but eavesdropping is not the way to do it.
Stop bitching. Period.
I don’t care about your personal life, your stupid valentine’s ring, what you had for dinner or what you’re having for lunch, how you didn’t get enough sleep or won’t be getting enough sleep, or how your car got stuck. And for Christ’s sake, stop talking abuot sex and your period. You are hideous and your husband is even worse. Some of us don’t want to hear this shit. (And how your period smells?! WTF?!)
And you’re really trying too hard to impress us with your anime knowledge.
Oh, your husband knows computers? I’ve been around a few in my time, too, and he’s got at least 10 years on me.
Speaking of your husband, I think that if I have to hear you use the term ‘hubby’ once more, I’m going to kill you and Rian is not my “hubby.” People who use that term are 40 year old, white trailer trash hos wearing spandex and/or sweats and eating popcorn while watching Jeopardy.
You are not my friend and I only speak to you when I have to, please get that through your head. I’m not going to like you any better if you constantly offer me food.
What’s with this ignoring the customers? If I page you to customer service because there’s a customer – don’t stop to talk to your friend!
And how is it that you cannot see people, especially customers when they are 10 feet away?! I think you do need a stronger glasses prescription!
Go ahead and do your duties before helping us work freight. It is not your freight, it is ours. While we appreciate your help, we can do fine without you as your work ethic sucks and we don’t need you, as I said before! While I’m on that topic, I know you think you work hard, but you don’t. You’re not the one running around putting out our freight, switching out features, doing favours for management, and trying to cashier (and/or answer the phone, do layaway, work jewelry, work the customer service desk, or figure out where the fuck you are).
In fact, all you do is stand at the edge of my register and bag for me when I had small orders, yet when I or someone else has a large order, you ignore us and don’t help. WTF?
When Jason brings up cigarettes and we have had two carts of freight waiting to be worked, that is not the time to say “Finally something to do!”

To put it shortly, shut up, work harder and realize we don’t need you and maybe my night wouldn’t automatically be ruined just by seeing you at 10 0’clock. I know I should have more tolerance for stupid people, but I don’t so you’ll have to be less stupid. (=


PS. I hate your laugh.

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