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May 03

Technological Follies

I have purchased a PlayStation 3.. and I love it. It’s absolutely going to change my life. It already has, in fact. However, the process has been the catelyst to several weird, frustrating and otherwise stupid tech problems in my life.

First, I got the PS3 set up but the actual console was sitting a little too far forward in my TV stand, so closing the door turned it on.. and somehow the game started playing, so when I turned it off.. it wasn’t happy. After powering it back on, I received a notice that it wasn’t powered off correctly and it had to check for corruption on the disk. Everything worked okay, though. However, it did reset some settings, so I had to fix those.

Then, I was trying to set up a media server through WMP. Although I don’t use it, this seemed like the easiest method to use. In fact, it is; but it’s only that easy when you have the PS3 and your laptop hosting the media server on the same network. Oops.

However, network problems quickly arose when I started my computer this morning and it wouldn’t connect to the same network that it’s been on since I moved in here. I could sign on at a guest, but there was some generic error whenever I tried to sign in to the secure network. Oddly enough, both my phone and Ps3 were connected just fine. Later, I started up the computer and it wanted a password, so now I’m signed in just fine.

Nevertheless, my issues don’t stop there. Crazy, I know. When I first connected the PS3 to my TV, it worked right away. I was using the same HDMI cable that I always use with my laptop, but I couldn’t get it to connect for the life of me this weekend when some friends were over. It kept telling me that there was no video signal, even though my laptop clearly connected one. This occasionally happened but I was able to fix it by restarted the computer or switching HDMI ports in the past. Nothing worked at all, so I was surprised when the PS3 started right up with no problems.

That is, until.. I turned it on and the TV wouldn’t register a signal for the life of it (me?) . I figured it must just be the HDMI cable, which is easily replaceable. I grabbed the AV cable that shipped with the PS3, figuring I could just use it in -gasp- SD for the time being. But you know what the fuck happened? No, you don’t! That’s why I’m going to tell you.

The TV wouldn’t detect any signal through the AV cables, either! In either port. So, I don’t know what the hell the problem is. Maybe something’s loose in the television itself, but sometimes all the ports seem to just.. stop working. It’s super annoying but it’s also random. I gave up and plugged the HDMI cable back in.. and the damned thing started working randomly. It cut out when the cat walked by but everything’s been fine since a friend nudged it just a bit. Obviously, the whole thing is stupid, but as long as I’m able to stream movies from my laptop (see above), then I don’t need to touch the system itself or cable.

So, let’s cross fingers that my problems are solved.

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