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Feb 07

Techno-What?/A Fool Such As I

I began writing this entry with the intent to tell you all that I will be writing a few blog posts in the future which build on an article already on this site: Blog 101. Except, that article isn’t on this site. It’s one of those things I’ve been procrastinating about!

[edit]Turns out I had put up the page, just hadn’t linked it. Without further ado, Blog 101.[/edit]

Expect that soon! Then, can you also expect some blog posts (which I will eventually add to the site as articles) which discuss advanced Blogging tools such as feeds, social networking and ping/trackback.

In that vein, I figured I better claim my blog at Technorati which I will now do. Go ahead and step over to my Technorati Profile (which I probably won’t ever use).

Speaking of my site, I added some Valentines Day icons for use on Livejournal here.

Also, a little anecdote from my life. I woke at 8:16 this morning, to the sound of the alarm, and hit snooze while rolling over to cuddle Ryan for a few moments as I usually do. Shortly after, I receive a phone call from work, the cashier leader asking me why I wasn’t already there working harvest?

It turns out I had looked at the schedule wrong! I swear I worked lunch (what I was getting up for) at 10:30 but, NO! I was supposed to be in a 7. E’gads. We’ll see what type of trouble I am in now.

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