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Apr 30

Tech Lust: Nokia N8

So, the other day Nokia announced an upcoming touch screen phone called the N8. Twitter, like the rest of the internet, exploded which chatter and I caught a whiff only to fall in love. I mean, I’ve had my phone almost two years now. I’ve been curios about all those fancy new gadgets but phones don’t really catch my interest.

Except the N8 did. I think it could be that the design is similar-ish to my phone, a Nokia model which is no longer current. They’re both slim, with handy “external” buttons and a slightly feminine design.

But the N8 blows my phone out of the water with its new Symbian technology, 12MP camera, 720p resolution and HDMI connections. I mean, it’s pretty much an entire media solution unto itself. But if you’re not into movies and music, it also integrates social networking options like Twitter and Facebook.

Plus, it’s got an app store, which other Nokia phones can use but I suspect the Ovi store will definitely rise in popularity and usefulness with the N8. Nokia says the app store will provide access to Web TV channels and lists NatGeo and CNN as examples (although, I couldn’t find a listing in the current store).

It’s not out until the third quarter of this year and I don’t know yet who will be carrying it but this might be one gadget I have to have.

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