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Feb 26

Tech Lust: Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSiI’m not sure if this will be a regular feature but I am definitely in love lust with the Nintendo DSi – the third version of the Nintendo DS. Featuring 2 cameras, an SD port and 12% smaller than the DS Lite, this handheld console is freaking sexy! I definitely think Nintendo needs to focus on the DS; these new improvements make me wonder if the DS will one day be able to compare to stand alone game consoles.

Anyway, it’s been out in Japan since last year and officially releases in the states in April. Wal-mart is already advertising it at $169 and Amazon has both Black Matte and Blue Matte versions available on April 5th from $169.99. Because I haven’t even had my DS Lite 2 years and it was my anniversary present, I probably won’t get a DSi anytime soon but I will still drool over it! The only thing I’m not a fan of is the lack of GBA port; however, if I could find ROMs for all my GBA games and put ’em on an SD card, it’s not really an issue.

4 comments on “Tech Lust: Nintendo DSi”

  1. Wow, not bad! I didn’t even realize they were making another version.

  2. I had contemplated on buying the DSi although I didn’t want to wait for hackers to figure out how to work with the R4. Impatient I know. :]

  3. Well, isn’t that the point of the SD port?

  4. I got my Nintendo Dsi in black, but now I regret taking the black one.

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