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Nov 25

Tech Lust: Alienware Laptops

alienwarelaptop Alienware, a division of Dell, has long been known for making gaming computers but one thing they have also been consistent with is producing computers which are visually appealing. When it comes to awesome aesthetics, I am so there! Which is why all of Alienware laptops are equally awesome; there’s 2 right now: m15x and m17x. They’re capable machines with attractive styles and backlit keyboards which make me say “Ooh.” (It’s also great for typing on those dark and stormy nights). If that doesn’t catch your eye, then perhaps the webcam, facial recognition software or engraved nameplate on the bottom (just to name a few things) will. They’re not so friendly to the pocketbook, of course, which is why I lust over them instead of buy them.

2 comments on “Tech Lust: Alienware Laptops”

  1. That looks like a sweet machine. I just have an old Dell laptop clunker… It’s making weird noises like it’s going to explode. It gets hot… The fan doesn’t do a very good job of cooling the CPU, I guess.

    I just bought a car, so I don’t really have much money this year to replace the computer.

  2. @FruityOaty: I’ve never even owned a laptop! My desktop is my first computer and I’ve had it since I was 16. Truth be told, I love new things and shiny things but I could already have a laptop if I really wanted one. I’m just attached to my computer.

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