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Mar 22

Sverve 101: Pinterest Meets Klout for Bloggers

I’ve been quite active on Sverve lately, and I thought I’d take the time to write about it. If you hadn’t heard of Sverve, it’s a site where female bloggers can go to connect with one another and with brands. Sverve has a funny name, but it also has a “tip” system that works like Pinterest and a rating system like Klout. In fact, I think that Sverve takes much of the better points of both of those sites/networks and combines them. I would love to see marketers using Sverve scores and bloggers promoting each other via Sverve.

You can check out my Sverve profile and my thoughts below to see if this site is worth your time.

Of course, you’ll edit your name, bio and avatar. From your Sverve profile, others can follow you, and you can follow them back.  When new people follow you, you’ll see a notification.

My current Sverve rank

My current Sverve rank

Your Sverve Rank

When you log in to Sverve, you’ll provide your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) links and your website URL, and Sverve uses these to calculate a score that’s broken down into three categories:

  1. Blog influence
  2. Social media influence
  3. Sverve influence

According to Sverve:

 Sverve influence is calculated by the number of endorsements an influencer has received in her top three areas of influence as compared to her peers.

So that’s interesting to know.

The site then changes these ranks (from low to high) and applies a number to them. Your Sverve rank is from 0 to 100, and some campaigns — which I’ll talk about later — use rank as a metric for qualifying. You can see your rank breakdown by going to your profile and clicking on the rank badge by your name.

In just a few short weeks (if that), my rank is 55. It’s grown about 20 points since I signed up, which is mostly due to endorsements. Rank updates every day at 8 PM.

Areas of Interest and Endorsements

When you sign up, you can pick areas of influence. I was able to pick 5, and I’m not sure if you can pick more. You should carefully think about the best areas of influence. Mine are:

  • Giveaways
  • Reviews
  • Social media and blogging
  • Technology
  • Shopping

It was hard to narrow the areas down, especially when Reviews by Cole is such a broad blog. I’m also adding tips (see below) from Her Realm. If you want to change them, you’ll have to delete an area and enter a new one — starting from 0.

When people visit your profile, they can click to endorse you (like Klout) for a specific area of influence, but others can only endorse you once. Endorsements will show up in your notifications tab, too. Like Klout, you can tweet whenever you endorse someone.

You can also get a Sverve badge like the one here to place on your website.

sverve tip categories

sverve tip categories


When you sign in to Sverve, you’ll see the newest tips from the people whom you follow. Tips on Sverve are like pinning, but they’re about the content that the tips link to rather than the image itself. This was really the intent with Pinterest, but most people are too lazy to click over to read recipes so you’ll see them directly on the pin. You can like, comment on and share tips (like Pinterest) and I am pretty sure that the more people who like your tips, the better your Sverve score will be.

Sverve has a bookmarklet that you can add to your bookmarks toolbar to quickly pin things, and you can choose images just like you would with Pinterest. However, you can also add tips from sources that don’t have images with a generic placeholder. Obviously, images help get the user’s attention.

Unlike Pinterest, you’ll select a category for every tip that you add. You’ll also select one of your own areas of influence. These categories and areaas of interest will appear when you’re looking at tips that other people add, and you can endorse them directly from the tip, which is handy.


Sverve offers a variety of campaigns. There are 4 tabs:

  • Sponsored post/affiliate
  • Sponsored share
  • Pinterest sweepstakes
  • Youtube campaigns

As you’d guess, you can find companies looking for sponsored posts in the first tab. You’ll also see people who want you to promote their content without compensation — just affiliate links. These are almost never worth your time. Sverve lists several types of campaigns: a referral program, guest blogging opportunities, product reviews, and community management. Brands can specify that only users with specific Sverve ranks are considered. I’ve yet to be accepted for a campaign but you’ll see all campaigns in the “engaged” section. It doesn’t look like you’ll know if brands choose to ignore or deny you. You’ll simply not be accepted.

I’ve yet to have any sponsored share, but the name needs no explaining. I’ve also not had any Youtube campaigns so I’m not sure whether they are content creation or promotion.

Sverve always seems to have at least one Pinterest sweepstakes going at once. You can enter yourself, and you can also sign up as a promoter. If you get others to join, you’ll make a commission. Commissions are usually under $1, but that can add up quickly. You’ll see your current earnings on your account, and you can cash out once you reach $5 across all your campaigns.

sverve pinterest sweepstakes

sverve pinterest sweepstakes

I’ve also received emails with special links for paying campaigns like this one. However, it doesn’t show up on my dashboard so I’m not quite sure how it works.

With rank, endorsements, campaigns and tips, Sverve seems like a great way to get to know other bloggers, make money and get  exposure to your website.

6 comments on “Sverve 101: Pinterest Meets Klout for Bloggers”

  1. Very comprehensive, lots of info I wish I had known joining up! Sverve has been super slow for me even though my rank is a 44, there’s very little right now that fits my niche so having too many topics to choose from is a good thing!

  2. I fixed your typo (=

    As far as I can tell, 44 is actually pretty low. Most scores I see start at about 35-ish. I would remember to keep pinning stuff to Sverve with the bookmarklet so you can people you don’t know endorsing you. Most people seem happy to trade endorsements if you do it for them first. I did a couple of keyword searches to get started.

  3. Thanks, that actually gives me hope! I’ll work on building it up and cross my fingers for better results :)

  4. Great info! I don’t check Sverve as often as I should. I have a score of 71, but still find it difficult to land campaigns. The best way to raise that score is to post tips on sverve and get endorsements on your tips.

  5. I’m not sure if endorsements via profile or via tips show up differently, but I’ve participated in several Sverve endorsement trading threads, which has helped my rank quite a bit.

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