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Apr 26


Not the good kind like “I found $20 in my winter coat pocket” but the “Oh, shit! The condom broke type.”

Despite the fact that we were told. Despite the fact that we should not have taken him home otherwise. Despite the fact that the adoption center was billed for it..

Phantom is not fixed.

In hindsight, this explains everything (the aggression and yowling).  It also means there will be an end to the sleepless nights. However,  I now get to deal with the spraying because he’s gone into heat so the damage is already done. Luckily, it seems the adoption center will take care of it Tuesday/Wednesday but this is totally crappy in the meantime. I hate locking him in the bathroom at night but what else can I do?

I look forward to having my sweet, quiet, non-abuse kitty baby back.

One comment on “Surprise!”

  1. Oh my goodness! At least you figured it out but that is horrible that you were not told and poor Phantom. :(

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