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Sep 28


I don’t post good things nearly as often as I should and definitely not as often as the negative or mundane. I also rarely post pictures and photos (on the blog, at least, anyone who’s looked at my pictures page knows I post many there!); so, without further ado, here is some goodness in photo form.

More to come when FTP comes back up. For now, I’m enjoying Flickr‘s “Blog It” feature. -gasp- I know, you’d never imagine me saying that, right? Nevertheless, I can see how it will be nice when I only want to post a picture or 2.

View of the sunset from our balcony a few nights ago
Sunset, originally uploaded by Cole on 28 Sep ’07, 9.04am EDT PST.

We are very fortunate to have many beautiful sunsets and to be high enough (the 9th floor) to have an almost unobstructed view. Additionally, our balcony has a view of the lake off base and mountains in the background. Sometimes it it quite stunning. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as dark as is appears in the photo so the true beauty doesn’t shine through.

More to come, later.

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