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Nov 18

Stupid hiccups!

hearing: Sarah Mclachlan – Gloomy Sunday
feeling: Sore
wanting: Rian

My hiccups are so physical that when I hiccup, my body shakes and, for instance, if I’m trying to click a certain menu in a program, I will click something else because I jolt so much. Rawr.

My arms are quite sore from shoveling. Although I didn’t shovel the driveway, I shoveled the front sidewalk and the end of the driveway, a path to Wendy’s car door and from her car to the back porch and the back porch and steps. There wasn’t too much snow but I haven’t shoveled in a while.

Surprisingly, Wendy’s father came over and shoveled our sidewalk after the first snow. o.0 One day Wendy looked out the window and asked who was shoveling and I was all “WTF?” I thought it might’ve been the upstairs neighbour (ha! Now that’s a long shot.) but it turned out to be her dad. It’s nice but it makes me feel as though he thinks we’re incompetent. I am quite able, thank you very much, and while I may bitch about it, I think I’ll prefer to shovel my own driveway.

Still, I think he deserves a bit more than a cup of hot chocolate (which she gave him?) I’m thinking I’ll get him a gift card ($5 or $10) to some place for Christmas, but what’s a good idea? A gas station? I think that sounds nice but what do my faithful followers think, hmm?

Now that we have at least 6 inches of snow, I think it’s time to take down the Halloween decorations except – Oh wait! – they’ve covered in snow. >_<  I guess I should have done it sooner then, huh? Serves me right. Wendy says the snow is supposed to melt this weekend and, if it does, I’ll take them down then. I hope I can make Wendy, Ashe or Ashley help because I really don’t want to be stuck doing it myself, especially with all the cold and snow and ice.

Speaking of snow (I cannot believe I’ve written an entire entry about it d=), last ngiht CSM Carol asked Ashley or I to go outside and help the cart stockman but we both decided to help. We get out there and there is only 1 stockman, the parking lot of full of carts and snow; he didn’t even have one side done!

So we help but you can’t push more than a few carts physically because of the snow and the cart pushing machine is rather slow and we’re loading up less than the usual 20 carts onto it because we don’t want to blow the motor. Oh, did I mention that the stockman informs us that the cart pusher is about to die any minute?

So we get a few more lines of carts in and fill up the outside cart storage area on the GM side and we do a few more lines when I decide it’s time to call it quits and tell Ashley so but, then, I see that one of the corrals is overflowing into the parking lot where people are supposed to drive and it’s to the point where it’s crossing the entire thing so I tell her to make one more line of carts and we’ll bring them in.

Sometime before our last line of carts and after we fill up the GM side, Carol comes outside to ask if the stockman was out there (No, he’s done at 11 and it’s obviously past that, lady) and to direct us to do the middle (der, we finished one side, the obvious place is the middle. Why do you feel the need to direct us?!).

Finally, we finish the last row and as we’re pushing it into the storage area, the cart pusher dies. Phew, we think, except we need it on so we can push it into the building and plug it in to charge. Arg. So, we play aorund and finally it turns on just enough so we can get it inside and plug it in. We finish that and head inside to take a break for as long as we fucking please because we’re frozen. It goes to the point that it was an effort to move my mouth to talk.

We’re taking off out coats and heading back when Carol says “How about a break?” Not once, but twice. Yes, we’re going to take a break you stupid cunt and nothing you say or do will affect it either way because it’s our choice and we’re already half an hour late for it. So we take a good 30 minute first break. d=

Later we go out and Assistant Jeff catches me and tells me associates will be out to help in half an hour. Well, when the associates go out, they just push the carts into the corals and we had cleaned up all the stray carts by the time they arrived. Besides, we were moving cart from the corrals to the storage areas. So, they come out and I go fetch the cart pusher from Ashley to move the 3 lines I’d set up and planned to go in afterword. Lo and behold, they pushed all my lines of carts back into the corrals. Rawr! -_-

Of course, we said “fuck it” and went back in for our last break, except that didn’t happen because Fernie was on break and we got a small rush. For the most part the rest of the day went well and I’m glad to be home but it’s a bit cold and I hurt. )= I’m not so looking forward to the idea of having to work with CSM Kim tomorrow night. Incompetent dolt. Ugh.


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