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Jul 24

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I paged through m CD cases and popped in a burned CD or two that I hadn’t listened to in years. Both of them were pop songs and it was an interesting blast from the past. I had 3 distinct reactions to the songs that played:

  1. I remembered the song but no longer like it quite so much (or at all)
  2. I remembered the song and still like it (although I listen to/still have very few of them)
  3. I didn’t remember the song at all but thought “Hey, why don’t I still listen to this?”

Of course, songs that fall into the last group are songs that the world probably doesn’t remember so much, either and they no longer get any airplay. Also, I’m a really bad album “producer”. Even though all the songs were pop, there was no flow whatsoever. LOL It spanned many variances of pop (bubblegum, R&B and rock).

So, if you’re curious what I liked in high school and still do, here’s two that come to mind – with links to video. I’ll also be uploading my song download page.

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