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Apr 04

Still up?

hearing: blink 182
feeling: tired
wanting: sleep
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My plans are to stay up all day because if I go to sleep and wake up late in the afternoon, I know that I will not be able to fall back asleep tonight.

Anyway, I’ve updated tons on the site: webrings, cliques, fan/hatelistings, directories, button rotations, HTML links, Dark Links (TONS added!), pictures, button wall, voting. I am currently going to add more to the button wall and put up an affiliates section.

One of my hostees, Bernie, made me a fansign!

Isnt’ she sweet?! It even matches my layout XD

Tomorrow I go back to school and I don’t think that Spring Break lasted nearly enough. I also think that the warm weather we had at the end of the week before break was a tease, and a mean one at that. It was pretty chilly this whole break, especially this morning. At about 5 (4?) Ginger and I took the dogs for a walk down to the gas station because she wanted to talk. No one walks them, and they really liked it.

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