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Dec 23

Still Alive

hearing: Symphony X – Masquerade
feeling: cold?

About 2 blocks from home, Ashley was turning the corner and the car skidded up to the curb, stopping just a few feet from a tree. We weren’t going all that fast but the tree was on my side of the car. Before leaving work, everyone was saying how to drive safely because it’s freezing rain because it’s right at freezing point point but Ashley must have been paying too much attention to our conversation.

Anyway, I had to pleasure of exiting the car (and slipping on my way) to push it out of the snowbank, which really wasn’t a big deal but my right leg was the one I had behind me for leverage and it slipped around 3 feet into snow. -chuckles*

Then, I slipped on the road because it was covered with ice, as I was coming back to the car. I opened the door and slipped once more, falling into the car. Luckily Ashley was so kind as to laugh at me. -g*

Anyway, we’re okay as is the car although I would’ve laughed had she totaled it as she’s put a lot of money into repairing it lately and she just replaced the battery last night.

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