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Jan 26

State of the Cole Address

This week has been a busy one for me so I’m glad it’s coming to an end but it seems to be indicative of the fact that my life is going to be a bit busier from now on. For starters, I developed an abscess on my waist/tummy which originally seemed like an annoying placed pimple (like you want anything where your pants line is) but it only grew bigger, more painful and redder.

To save you the gruesome details which are pretty horrific, if I do say so myself, I wound up taking a trip to the ER on Monday per the recommendation of “my” doctor not because I was dying or anything. They cut me open, drained me out, taped me up, gave me pain killers and antibiotics and sent me on my merry way.

The ER doctor wanted to make sure the surgery clinic followed up with this, which they did though perhaps a bit too well. However, the surgeon wasn’t very impressed with what she saw the ER did when I went in to see her on Wednesday.

So she cut me up a little more and basically repeated what they did except she gave me anaesthetic this time, which they hadn’t in the ER. She taped me up, sent me on my way but told me to come back the next day (yesterday) which I did. Luckily all she did then was take a look at it, poke a bit and tape me back up.

So, I have a hole in me, literally. A few layers of skin are cut out altogether and it’s all bloody and disgusting (of course, Rian, being the boy that he is, wants to see it and play with it and stuff all the time -rme*). At least it no longer hurts (though it itches) and I’m down to two gauze pad layers rather than the gigantic lump of gauze and tape I had before.

To amuse you, I made this totally, completely, true to size, realistic looking graphical representation of my hole.

My Hole

Aside from my minor health issues, we saw Casino Royale which was my first ever Bond movie. I know some of you might find that hard to believe but in all my years of watching movies – and there have been some pretty low profile ones – I’ve never seen a James Bond movie.

Anyway, I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it to begin with. I’ve had plenty of time to get myself acquainted with Mr Bond, were I afflicted with the desire to do so, but I’m not. James Bond just doesn’t appeal to me. He’s a man’s man, exactly the type of man I do not like.

But I went because it was something to do and I can’t really say “No” anyway. I found the movie to be okay overall – not a thumbs up nor a thumbs down. It was decent. I was most impressed with the animated introduction (which was accompanied by a song from Chris Cornell – what happened to Audioslave?) which reminded me of the vector art you see so much online.

I can’t say whether it really seemed like a Bond movie, or if the part was cast well but I enjoyed the overall plot, until the ridiculously retarded, completely unbelievable and insanely inane plot twist which brings us to the end of the movie. In fact, I felt that when that plot twist started, it actually should have been the end of the movie so the rest of it feels tacked on to the end rather than a part of the same movie.

Oh well, life goes on and I am still not a fan.

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