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Oct 30

Spectacular Vernacular!

I receive‘s word of the day. I find it interesting but I don’t have the retention I’d like so I’d figure I would try to remedy that by using several in a blog post and what better way to do so than to provide some information on myself? Because this is my first time using some of these words, please forgive my solecisms. After this exegesis, feel free to read on. (Or not.)

Being a peripatetic, my main mode of local transportation is my own 2 feet. I love to feel the sun or rain (though not so much the wind) to breathe the air, especially cold winter air and to bask in the feeling that is the outdoors surrounding me. Certainly, I am not always graceful and my walks are much more of a galumph than anything else. Of course, anyone who knows me would think this tidbit pellucid.

Often during these walks I cogitate, sometimes letting my mind wander or something focusing on something that has become an idee fixe for the time being. This is often helped by the fact that I am listening to music on my MP3 player; often, someone can pass me by in vehicle and try to gain my attention but I am so focused – sometimes on my chimerical daydreams- that I do not notice.

This activity is often efficacious in helping me to clear my mind, calm down or just unwind myself, even as times when I might seem disconsolate. My love of taking walks is not always enjoyed by myself, however. It’s a gregarious fondness and I enjoy walking with someone else, sometimes enjoying conversation from mindless to meaningful and other times we may remain taciturn.

While for some, walking is no more than unpleasant moil, it is quite sapid to me.

Because I love language, I fear this entry has become too prolix or abstruse and this shall be its terminus.

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