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Apr 23


hearing: Kimberly Locke
feeling: Wonderful
wanting: Sleep
Well, today I hooked up the DSL modem. I guess Verizon decided we really could have hooked it up yesterday. -growls* But i’m uber happy. It’s cheaper, and fast, and I really missed my computer.

I have tons of things I have to catch up, but don’t worry I didn’t forget you. As you can see, there’s a new “layout” up. This is a temporary arrangement because I will have a new layout up soon, but I was sick of the green! I’ve edited the placement of certain things, but they’re still there. This text area is much easier to read the blogs in, don’t you think? I also caved in and coded up some pretty scrollbars. -swoons* There’s a few more posts on the main page again, now get to commenting!

So a little update. Looks like i’m going to AZ afterall. Another great thing is that one of my oldest firends from the net will be living very close to me and we’re going to have coffee or something. I just can’t believe that! It will be so cool!

Today after work some of the tutors stayed to help Mrs. Graf paint chairs. Well, we had to sand too. Now my hands and pants are full of paint and my arms and back are killing me. OH well. It was rewarding.

I’m going to be getting a second job soon, and I may be working two during the summer. I guess Nate put in a good word with me at Trigg’s so if I want a job there, I pretty much have it. He’s a nice guy. (=

Rian is also a damned fine fellow and I am in love with him. I feel all storybook-romance-like. It’s wonderful. -dances*

I think I’m going to have my hair cut and dyed sometime soon. I have these pretty cool natural highlights, but they just aren’t me.

I’m exhausted, I need to go!

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