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Nov 25

Soo stressed

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today the rough draft for our 8 page research paper was due. It’s not that long, and we have partners so we each on have to do 4 pages. I did mine, and my partner.. Mostly did hers.. She had the first part and she didn’t’ even write an introduction. -sigh* I did, however, write a conclusion for my half. She used 14 pt font, ugh.. That always tells that people are trying to make the paper seem longer right there..

Well I had an outline done for a while and the sentences were forming in my mind as they always do when I write a paper so I knew I could put it off until the last moment and get it done fine. She calls last night and asks what she’s doing because she just apparently doesn’t know.

yesterday during school she tried to get me to write an outline for her and while I was trying to make one she stopped listening to me and started talking to someone else. Let’s not forget that she spent half the period roaming the halls talking to people. So last night I wrote it up, except for the parenthetical documentation because I hadn’t done my works cited and had a few questions about that. So today during my last period (I had it free) I typed up my works cited and went through and did the documentation. I hope I did the works cited correctly.. Anyway I got it to the teacher, but I didn’t have a chance to read over my rough draft as I usually do forget that part.. I hope it’s okay.. It’s really hard to work on resolutions (the one lower than 800 x 600 – ugh!) that small because you can’t see a lot at one time and when I type of papers I need to be able to.

Anyway now I am so stressed when I should be relieved because I know it’s not as good as it would have been had I done it 6 pages alone. However, she was the one that picked me for her partner (in chem too) and I can’t seem to avoid her even though I don’t like her all that much. Btw, she is the girl from the blog below who lies all the time.

Funny enough as I ran spell check, the word blog was not in blogger’s system. -lol* Soo.. Tomorrow I have two tests and then break, but really that’s not enough for Cole, nope.. I need a year off to recoup..

Yesterday it snowed.. Or maybe the day before and It’s too early for snow.. It’s so pretty in the country and so damned annoying in the city. It gets icy and slushy, it’s no fun to drive in or walk in.. Salt gets all over your cars and clothes.. It’s nice for Christmas I guess but that’s still a month away.. Exactly a month away, actually.

I’m also waiting for new applications stuff form collins – and I need money for applying and I hate asking tim. I hate being a financial burden.

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