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Feb 08

Something’s missing

The fact that having no winter means I don’t get to break out into a crisp spring day. There is no freedom or release from the frozen atmosphere. No green shoots popping up from beneath the snow. There is no first day without a coat. There is nothing to break up the monotony of this weather. It’s pretty much the same 50 – 75% of the year. It’s not just a lack of snow. It’s a lack of life as I know it and it’s disheartening.

I’m sorry Texas, I could never love you.

6 comments on “Something’s missing”

  1. Aw, sometimes seeing the change is really important. I know how that is. I’m looking forward to moving where there is no snow and warmer weather but there’s still a visual change between seasons. I need that.

  2. It’s more than visual, too. It’s physical. It’s.. spiritual. Boy does that sound hokey. LOL

  3. O I wish I had snow here =)
    I couldn’t ever hate or even dislike texas. The place has really cute boys =p

  4. Dez

    I loved Texas when I was there. It was pretty hot and humid but where I was just meeting Jeremy so I’m sure everything seemed nicer than it really was. Though I love the cool weather and snow (sometimes). The best part is spring when the snow is gone and everything smells fresh and you just feel new. :( Maybe I should invite you to Spooksville this spring.

  5. @Vicky: What a deep and insightful thought!

  6. God, I couldn’t agree more. Thats why I don’t live in Richardson anymore.. I live in Oregon.
    Oregon is prettymuch the antithesis of Texas and I love it.

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