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Nov 07

So I had a party

and here’s the rundown

  • I have no pictures because I got too drunk, my phone was being ridiculous and it dies anyway.
  • I look terrible in all other pictures because I never got a chance to finish getting ready. I just decided to get drunk instead.
  • When I got home, my ass was sticky.
  • We somehow ate a dozen pizzas.
  • People loved our pinata full of candy, condoms, lube and booze.
  • Everyone had fun.. but it was weird.
  • There was less drama than I thought.
  • Everything seemed later than it was because the country is so dark.
  • Decorations and a deep fryer were broken.
  • A Jeep got stuck in a field.
  • I didn’t even pee on my tail!
  • I made new friends.
  • Apparently I was hilarious.
  • I lost a ball.
  • The stress gave me a cold sore.
  • We still have to clean up all decorations and bring them home.
  • I saw a shooting star!
  • Funny things happened so people took video.
  • I learned that I am an over-the-top details sort of person, but not everyone appreciates that. I should not put more effort into a party than the party itself takes.

However, we all need to have that one big crazy party, and I did it. So yay!

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