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Aug 29

Smush.It: My New Favorite Plugin

For this entire year, I’ve struggled with the fact that I am slowly running out of space on my host. I have a small plan — only 500 MB — but it’s cheap, and I haven’t had other problems (and I’m super lazy and don’t want to move). The limitations of my host mean that if I want to add more space or another domain, I’m tripling how much I pay for hosting. Now, I’m on a shared server, so I’m not paying the most, but who doesn’t want to keep their bills as low as possible?

I’ve been bouncing around the 400 meg mark for some time, even though I fixed a couple issues that were using excess disk space. I cleared out database trash, deleted a couple subdomains and empty my mailboxes on the server on a weekly basis. It just wasn’t cutting it, however. For some reason, I was up 30 megs in the last month or so for no reason.

In a last ditch effort, I did some Googling. I ran across SWP, a plugin for WordPress that squishes images by eliminating unnecessary bytes. The process took 30 minutes on Reviews by Cole but significantly less time here because I use fewer images. In the future, every image I upload will be “smushed” by this plugin. I anxiously waited to see how much file space this reduce.

After running WP on a single site, I dropped 30 megs in a day. I expect I’ll be well under 400 megs after my control panel updates data. Of course, this benefits my readers because those images take less time to load.

The technology behind WP is part of the Yahoo Developer Network, but the folks behind WPMU are now keeping the plugin alive and updated. I can’t wait to see what else they do with WP in the future.

4 comments on “Smush.It: My New Favorite Plugin”

  1. That sounds like a pretty kick-ass plugin! I’ve found that clearing the cache, and if you use cPanel or a similiar site manager clearing out logs for bandwidth usage, visitors, etc., can also make a big impact on the amount of space you use. Since I host the majority of my images on Flickr, I haven’t had to worry about those eating into my space. Right now I’m in the process of downgrading from a dedicated server to a reseller account, and even though I’ll only be using about 20% of the available space, I’m still nervous about the limitations, lol.

  2. @Jenn: I’ve actually disabled all server side analytic programs since I never check them anymore but, no, I don’t use cPanel. Out of curiosity, how much space do you use?

  3. Max

    Try to compress ANY image with and then with and compare file sizes.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Max. I wasn’t previously aware of Optimizilla but as this is about WordPress plugins, it isn’t going to help other WP users save time.

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