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May 09

Slowly But Surely

I am working on the rest of the site content. I even added a new page to help you find a good webhost. Although all the links are up on my content page, many of them won’t work. You’ll just have to click around to see which ones do. (Hint, anything on the sidebar works). There is method to my madness, however. I am starting with the easiest projects first and leaving the most formidable for last which means fonts and interactive things like surveys and quizzes will take longer. I have at least another hundred pages to do, yet, and many more files than that.

I also added a plugin for WordPress which makes all of my pages as well as my posts searchable to replace the old search page. (I still love the Edward Scissorhands layout, though)

2 comments on “Slowly But Surely”

  1. It’s looking great!

  2. Thanks!

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