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Dec 16

Sleep is for the weak

Actually, I disagree. I love to sleep. I would rather get lots of good sleep than socialize, sometimes. However, sometimes I just sleep because I feel like there’s no reason to get up which is a bit depressing.

Because I don’t have many commitments, my sleep schedule is well, not very routine at all. Especially as of late. I pretty much wake up whenever and stay up until I’m dead tired. When Ryan is home, I usually wake up in the early afternoon and go to bed pretty late but it’s been even more unusual since I got back from Wausau. I’ve gone to bed at 5 or 7 in the evening a coupe times and I’ve woken anywhere from 6:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. It’s really all over the place.

Generally, I try to be awake around the time when the mail comes so I can check the box but that’s the only thing I really must be awake to do so I just sleep when my body calls for it and wake when I cannot sleep anymore. Sometimes, I wake up and realize there’s no reason to be up and go back to sleep.

I think that I will be glad to get back on any schedule once Ryan comes home.

2 comments on “Sleep is for the weak”

  1. I love sleep. Besides, I learned in psychology that sleep is necessary at all stages of life. And if that’s what the textbook says, it must be true. :)

  2. I love sleep too. Id on’t think I get enough of it. :)

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