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Dec 14

Simple Pleasures

I make brownies quite frequently. They’re good. As much as I enjoy the finished product, I love licking the spoon just as much. I remember when I was younger, waiting for mom to finish so I could lick the spoon. I hated having to share with my sister. We’d fight over who got what implement. Ryan doesn’t care to lick the spoon because he has no love for life he’s not a fan of sweets, really. Oh well. More for me.

8 comments on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Brownies are gross.

  2. Brownies are the best invention ever, if you would try one you might see.

  3. lol. You’re funny.

  4. Thanks!

  5. You’re welcome :)

  6. Brownies are so very yummy. Alyssa and Ryan love licking the spoon/beater/bowl. I divvy up the bowl & spoon to one kid and the beater (dripping with batter, of course) to the other, and then alternate every time I bake. So far it’s working for us! :)

  7. I love licking the spoon! You’re lucky I’m not there because we’d totally fight.

  8. LOL

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