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Aug 29

Silly Mistakes and Use of Tone

Upon logging into Blogger just a few minutes ago, I typed in the Blogger name I had used for several years until just recently Google took it over and I had to upgrade my account to use my Gmail address. I didn’t even realize I had done it, even though I hadn’t used that name here or anywhere else for ages, it was just so ingrained. I had to chuckle.

To another subject about which I would like to make a few comments: the tone I use on my website. I tend to use a more formal tone for several reasons including credibility, longevity, representation and simply practice of the English language.

I feel that some of the information I provide – such as the sex section and the website primer – gain credibility when I use a formal tone. I think that you, the reader, will be more inclined to believe that the advice I give is more credible because I am using a formal tone rather coming off like a teeny bopper. I feel that using this tone helps to set apart my site and give the content validity.

Furthermore, a formal tone will always be in style which gives it longevity. Over the years I’ve adopted many styles of typing and talking, many of which were not for the best. As I moved on to bigger and better things and, most always, back to normal typing (-grins-) I would find the need to go back and replace all those “Zs” or apostrophes or uniquely abbreviated words. Writing in a formal tone requires me to write normally and doing this initially means my message is go to good as long as we both shall live – my site and myself, that is.

Moreover, I use a formal tone simply to practice formal English. While I may allow myself to relax when chatting online, writing or talking in a casual situation, `I do have a better grasp on the English than those situations call for and I know that – as the saying goes – I must “use it or lose it” so I use this outlet as a way for me to practice the proper use of English language. Really, I find a sense of pride in this.

Lastly, I use a formal tone as a way to represent myself maturely and with dignity. I can never be sure who might find my site and what opportunities will arise or base me by because of how I represent myself here. Although not likely, perhaps a potential employer will not consider me for hire because of what they see or perhaps someone may run across the site and see that I may have something to offer and, in turn, he or she may have something to offer me because of that. We all know the the internet is hardly anonymous anymore and real life consequences can happen because of what you post on the world wide web so it’s always best to play it safe.

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