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Feb 09

Shit I Said Last Night

  • i always get perverted when i’m crying
  • lebanese men are delicious especially the little ones
  • someone should put him (obama) out
  • i think my face is the wrong size
  • i don’t like dildo rape COMMA terminator COMMA megatron
  • It was dericious
  • Don’t dwink a dwum full of wum


Shit others said about me:


cole gets really racist when she drinks water #keepthembitchesinline


As some point I decided I needed to fuck a bartender for the benefits. Apparently I turned purple when the waitress startled me. She later said she’d have to give me a time limit on my drinks in the future.

Yea, good times.

One comment on “Shit I Said Last Night”

  1. Ha. Drunk Cole is racist.

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