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Sep 06

She’s so..

Today my aunt came over with my cousin Angelica. She’s going into second grade, does that make her about 7 or something?! Well anyway she has the worst manners. I was munching on chocolate chips and she asked to have some.. If this were the first time it would be no big deal, but every time she comes over she asks us for food. She’s a chubby little girl, and I get the feeling she’s not starving. Her dad spoils her to pieces.

Also after I told her she could have a couple she kept eating more, so finally I told her “Don’t you think that’s enough?” Ugh. Then she was looking at my bracelets, and she said she liked them and then she asked her if I could get her some. WTF?! You don’t just ask people to buy you things like that! And when I said no she asked if she could have one. First off, those were given to me by friends so there’s no way I’m giving her any.. Secondly you don’t just ask people to give you stuff!

I remember when mom had her candlelite party not too long ago I won some candles, and right away Angelica asked if she could have some. When I told her no, she went and asked her mom! Arg. This girl is so spoiled, she needs to be taught some manners! Now I’m willing to bet some people would tell me she’s just a kid, and yes she it, but I did not act like this when I was a child. I’m willing to bet you didn’t either.

Now I know this is mostly Tim’s fault because she spends most time with him, but what kind of father is he? Well we already know he’s pretty bad.. He called Grace up the other day asking if Angel could come over because he was depressed. I think this girl just needs to be put into foster care or something.. Being at Grace’s is no better.. Ginger’s really mean to her because Grace always ignores Ginger for her.. And there’s tons of fighting, and I don’t even know what’s going on with Grace and Dave. -rme*

On the cute side when Angelica came over she hugged me and kissed the top of my head and said she loved me. She is sweet, just spoiled. She needs someone to set a good example.
Well anyway I’m going to go work on the icon site!

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