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Aug 26

Settling In what we’re doing. And that’s okay. Annoying video game sounds and Ryan laughing at stupid shit online are much preferred to crap quality phone calls from him across the world (however, I noticed a direct correlation between the stupidity of shit I missed about him and how long he was gone). So he’s back to video games and making fun of people, I’m back to computer time and we’re both playing with the cats and playing Monopoly on Pogo.

We took the time to buy a new car – a 2002 Dodge Neon in red – which probably isn’t as awesome as the Forenza was but is pretty nice and was affordable. Ashe thinks it’s cute and I’m inclined to agree but Ryan is all “NO RAWR NO CUTENESS I’M A MAN GRR.”

Although happy to have him back I wasn’t able to be nearly as omgexcited as I would have liked to be, due to all the crap that surrounded his homecoming. It’s so hard to be happy when you’re something of a perfectionist, eh?

Phantom was pretty damned excited and spent the first few days bugging the shit out of Ryan but maybe that was ’cause Ryan was bugging the shit out of him. Of course, Goliath was a little ‘fraidy cat and spent the first few days hiding under the bed but he’s come out now and has taken a liking to Ryan’s laptop.

Also on the kitty news front, they keep knocking over an accent table I put in the living room and beating up the pictures of our grandpas on it. Not nice. This is only a problem, of course, because Ryan took out the boxes of crap I had placed under there so maybe I ought to just shove him under there, instead.

We haven’t really done or seen anything super exciting, though. It’s still ungodly hot out so survival has been key, really. I have noticed his tendency to turn up the AC so it’s hotter or set the shower at burn-my-skin-off hot. As long as I’m talking about annoyances, I was shocked to see my laundry literally triple in one day and my dishes have doubled as well. There are some perks to being all by my lonesome but I guess I’ll forgive him for putting a kink in my style ;)

One comment on “Settling In”

  1. I’m glad you two are setting back in together well, ha ha kittens are just naughty… mines always knocking things over and I have three cats so nothing stays where it suppose to be in my house.

    Ha ha men are their cars :P

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