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Jan 21

Search Updated!

After a long hiatus which was entirely not my fault – okay the fact that it was so damned long was my fault but the initial broken search page isn’t – the search page is back and completely functional! In fact, it’s actually better than ever and I am super impressed with the script I used for it: Fluid Dynamics Search Engine.

Tonight I’ve installed probably 3 o4 4 scripts looking to replace to search script which I had been using and, if this one didn’t work, I was planning on giving up. But it did work! Yay!

I’m using the same search layout because I absolutely loooove it and it’s super easy to customize the layout for this script. You’ll notice the added “search tips” page which may help you on your search. Also all 700+ pages are indexed so, if it’s on this site, you’ll be sure to find it.

Initially I had some trouble indexing all those pages, simply because I have so many, but after I spotted the issue, it was a breeze! Right now I’m updating so the searches will skip Meta tags and go right to displaying the page content as the page description, so by the time anyone feels the need to search, everything should work perfectly. This also entails fixing a little quirk in my Blogger template and since that involves updating the entire blog and Blogger likes to give me trouble with that, the search descriptions may not be accurate for a bit.

When I upgrade to WordPress – which should be sometime reasonable soon – you can except that I will continue to use this search function and not WordPress’s search function. I really have no plans to move 500+ pages to become static WordPress page.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’re all bored to tears.. Au revoir!

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