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Oct 04

Say Cheese!

My new kitten, Phantom.

If you have been following me anywhere else online, then you have probably noticed I am the mommy of a new kitten named Phantom. Ryan and I went looking on Monday, put down a payment and decided to go back Tuesday. He is a 2 month old Russian blue with gorgeous eyes and too much energy for his own good (or ours!). He is a little naughty but also very sweet and grew on us very quickly, even Ryan who doesn’t like cats. I think this is a new page in his book!

I have also uploaded photos from our trip to Lake Towada as well as photos of my bedroom and our new car at my Flickr account and I will very quickly be bringing them over here. There are some great shots of waterfalls and the natural sights Japan has to offer.

Shrine at Lake Towada with Torii Gates

It took me a little longer than usual to upload photos because my USB cord was being shipped and I didn’t want to upload onto the laptop (probably a good idea because Ryan has not broken it) but I am really pleased with some of the shots I got.

I will definitely be taking lots of pictures of my little menace precious darling, and not just with my camera – although the pictures from it are not horrible.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

One comment on “Say Cheese!”

  1. KITTY! He's so cute. <3

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