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Aug 04

Samantha, My Mini-Me

You know, it’s kind of crazy how much my sister and I seem to have in common despite the fact that I’ve lived away from her for most of her life. People comment on this, on how easy it is tell that she’s my sister. I’m sure much of this is now because I’ve been home for two years, and have spent a lot of time with her. She’s always looked up to me, but now she doesn’t have to do it from quite so far.

The list of things we have in common is sometimes startling, other times amusing and always telling:

  • When I cut my hair, she cuts her hair
  • Her favorite color is pink because mine was
  • She likes Scooby Doo because I did
  • She plays MapleStory because I did
  • We share the same favorite type of pasta
  • We’re both  sensitive
  • She also likes playing online
  • She loves video games
  • She will be far more technologically-savvy than I, if she continues in this fashion

A plethora of other similarities, including expressions and gestures are shared between us. I’m sure some of this is her mimicking me and other things stem from having the same mother, but I don’t even realize many of these things until others point them out.

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