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Oct 18

Riding in Fashion

Then other day Ryan and I were at Target and we saw a silver limousine in the lot parked across several spots which I don’t think were legal spots to begin with. Of course, as law abiding citizens we were affronted. LOL I also thought that the colour was a bit horrendous but I guess that’s not my choice, either.

We were discussing who would bring their limo to Target and he wondered why a rich person would even shop at Target but I had another train of thought. While limos aren’t generally the type of ride “Joe Six Pack” usually sports, he may just rent it out for a special occasion. I know homecoming and prom are big limo events but it’s the wrong timing for that so perhaps it was a wedding? That seems a bit more reasonable to me. But, who knows, maybe Donald Trump loves Target? d=

I’ve only been in a limo once when I was in middle school. We were selling magazines and I sold enough to get a limo ride and pizza for lunch. Haha! I believe it was a typical white limo, nothing like an Escalade limo New York or anything. It was pretty cool but I hope to add at least one more limo ride to my life before I die, and hopefully for a much cooler reason.

Have you ever been in a limo?

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