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Nov 04

Remember, Remember the fourth of November

As I type this, Wendy and I are watching V for Vendetta. We are a day off, oops. It’s actually the first time I have watched the movie. It has been several days since many of you have heard of me and I assure you that I am not avoiding you–simply been busy moving across the country, cleaning my former apartment, applying for a new one and making all the calls that are necessary when performing a major life transition.

In between, I’ve been trying to spend time catching up on sleep, catching up with work and meeting up with friends and family. To be honest, I haven’t seen many people but there is no rush now.

So how is it, you ask?

Pretty awesome. I’ve adjusted to the cold better than I thought I would have. I bought an awesome new coat. It’s actually been warmer than expected. I walked a couple places yesterday and it was quite enjoyable. People I passed greeted me and drivers even yielded to me!

The kitties were amazing. They weren’t happy and I certainly wasn’t when I had to hold them in the San Antonio airport while the TSA agents scanned the carriers but, all in all, things went well. My last flight on Monday night actually got in 10 minutes early! And they haven’t killed Wendy’s cats or vice versa.

So now we are just waiting to see if we can get an apartment and them moving her stuff over there. It’s a lot of stuff and I’m not sure if I am ready to move so soon. My body has just gotten over being exhausted and I’m still bruised all over. I shaved my legs this morning and it only makes the bruises stand out.

Anyhoo, I’m alive. I miss you guys. I’d update more but I can’t access the Internet or send/receive picture messages on my phone right now. I’m trying to get that figured out.

7 comments on “Remember, Remember the fourth of November”

  1. Dez

    You are now only 13 hours 52 minutes / 909.77 miles away from me ^_^. This means that we need to meets up yo!

  2. Dez

    P.S. I really miss you.

  3. Glad your flight went so well! Where did you move?

  4. So, did you move to be closer to your family? Where did you move from? I’m going to be moving to LA in June and I imagine that’s going to be a huge ordeal when the time comes. I hate the process of moving, I like the whole being in a new place and organizing and placing everything in its new home, it’s the in between stuff that bothers me. haha.

    Anyway, hope all goes well!

  5. I moved because I got a divorced. I returned to my home town in Wisconsin where my family is.

  6. If you haven’t heard already, I am back in Wisconsin.

  7. LOL. Dork

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