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Sep 10

Rarities, B-Sides and other Oddities

This weekend we headed downtown and visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and Louis Tussaud’s Wax Works museum. Ripley’s was, as always, interesting. Full of the weird, scary, death-defying, unnatural and other just plain stupid things people have either the natural ability or took the time to learn, it’s sure to amaze. Add some of the interesting people who are naturally different and you can spend a few hours gawking. Of course, since I’ve spent so much time watching the TV show that some of the stories were already familiar.

The “odditorium” was much larger than it might appear, perhaps due to unique organization of the building and we traveled through several rooms seeing giant skeletons, locks of hair belonging to celebrities like Marylin Monroe, shrunken heads, tribal tools and weapons, lots of art made from matchsticks (like a 24′ Eiffel Tower), torture devices and more. Toward the end were rooms with information about the Titanic and Mars which seemed a little out of place. Overall, however, it was quite interesting.

On the other hand, Wax works was a little disappointing. I suppose because it was smaller and, by its nature, there’s less to do but to see the statues, figure out who they are supposed to be and determine if you think they actually look like the person. Unless your Ryan, then you do your best Tom Cruise impression and jump on the chair next to Oprah.

Toward the end was a section of horror wax works and I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if anything was going to jump out at me or whatever. Of course, nothing did and I probably wasted the experience a bit, being a ‘fraidy cat.

Before that, we stopped off at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch which was good but not great. It was a nice atmosphere and we enjoyed our time there, even if we were distracted by our new cell phones which we had purchased the day before.

Saturday we’d stopped at T-Mobile and signed up for a family plan. I had decided on either the Nokia 5610 or 5310 online and headed to those while Ryan like the Samsung blast. The staff were very helpful and brought out the purple version of the 5310 for me, which I decided on. After looking at the 5310, Ryan decided he wanted one also, only in red. The copycat.

So we walked out with new phones and have been enjoying them ever since, for the most part. It seems that the phone can lag a bit and I am having trouble using MSN on it now, even though it worked before. Hopefully that clears up soon.

Besides that, I’m very excited about moving into the apartment on Friday and on Sunday our bedroom furniture will be delivered! Yay!

One comment on “Rarities, B-Sides and other Oddities”

  1. Nik

    To me, that sounds like a fun weekend! When Jake and I were in NYC we visited Ripley’s, and almost went to Madame’s, but didn’t. I don’t know so much about wanting to go to the wax, but I’m glad you did so I could read about it. Haha.

    AND YAY! Bedroom furniture! And your own place! I can’t even imagine how relieved that must be!

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