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Dec 03


Uh yea, I’ll post more later, but if you find a post hard to comment on.. comment on another one. -gasp!*

My weirdest visitors are those people i know -laughs*

Well yesterdays I wasn’t in a good mood cause I had this awful headache and I still had it this morning so I stayed home, That and the fact that I overslept because I fell asleep so early. Bah.
I didn’t get to talk to Rian, but I’ll live.. maybe. I’m missing part of a math test but I’ll just take it all tomorrow and then during my resource. I really need to do well on that test me thinks, but I don’t know how well I’ll do considering as I really fucked up that quiz yesterday.

We got our rough draft back and it was 20/20 points, although I really dislike works cited and SUCK at doing them.

I finally will be going down to visit ITT Tech in Green Bay on the 13th. And I received the application stuff from Collins again so I’ll do that and hopefully it’ll go through. A
Ashley’s cup arrived and I gave it to her right away/ She was really happy, until she found out Mel tried to kill herself.. Not good stuff.. So I listened to her talk about that.. I don’t know Mel very well but can’t say I expected it. From the sound of it though she had problems with depression before.. She’s okay though..

I’m going to go update all my cliques and fanlistings now.
Done with that.. now on to some questions

Q: how long are you going to be a resident of mars?
A: I haven’t even received my papers yet, technically I’m an illegal alium! ^_^

Q: would johnny depp play a good willy wonka?
A: He’s a decent actor, I didn’t have any interesting POTC but with Burton directing (and we all know what a good team they are!) it’ll be decent at least!

Q: who are you
A: No my dear, the question is who are YOU? If you really want to know look around.

Q: Above what Questions?
A: Maybe you should just start IMing me, girl. The links to the sites where I got the questions are above those questions.

Q: Corven luvz u 2 that aint a ? tho ah well
A: You’re right, it’s not, and I didn’t even have to correct you!

I have also edited the guess the movie and lyrics pages.. finally!

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