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May 26


hearing: Nirvana
feeling: cold
wanting: sleep
Work was okay last night. Apparently the cow will be out until the 29th because of her back but she came in tonight to say good bye to Mike. She looks old and crazy and part of me hopes this will make her quit. -sl*

Mom and Samantha were in the store so I got to hold the baby after the meeting. We finished everything and save for a few minor incidents, nothing really went wrong, for once. I’m just a little annoyed with Deb.

I’m a bit disappointed with the reaction to the site, I guess. I know it’s difficult to gain visitors and a following and it will take time but I’d forgotten the social stigma of having a website. It’s like high school, no, middle school with all the cliques and wanting to be accepted and all that jazz. Well, I do hope the site will do well. I’ve updated some of the splash content. I’m beginning to be annoyed with the search script. How freakin’ long does it take to index?

I’m thinking Japan would have some really neat cosmetology schools, no? And a degree in that probably wouldn’t take that long to earn. -hmmms-

I’ll answer a question here:
Q: Marry me pwetty pweety pweeze?
A: Of course!

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