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Jul 12


It’s been very rainy this last day for which I am grateful. Both the temperature and humidity has dropped considerably making my apartment much more comfortable. Soon, I will not be quite so favoured when it comes to weather. Every time I am hot here I think “How the hell am I going to handle Texas?”

We leave in less than a month now, and plans are certainly well underway. I’m starting to stress about packing and moving and sleeping on the floor and flying and everything else, especially since this is my first time.

Anyway, the second edition of Weekly WrapUp will be posted shortly, check it out!

One comment on “Rainy”

  1. It seems that everybody’s moving to Texas :B Well, when my ex was intent on moving to Texas, he said that because the housing is way cheaper over there, you could afford A/C. Which is always a plus . . . except for the going outside part.

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