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Jul 22

Rage Against the Machine!

Now, I am a person who can be completely overjoyed over little thing and, at the same time, disappointed to the point of devastation when they do not go my way. It’s not that I’m too caught up with the details; I think it’s that I just realize how the details can perfect the “big picture.”

So, one of those little things which I enjoy immensely but has to be perfect in order for me to do so is showering. And I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a single shower since I moved in to this place. The water temperature is not consistant at all! I always turn on the hot water first, let it heat up then turn on the cold to cool it down to the temperate at which I want it.

But it doesn’t want to stay. Nooo. It wants to vary periodically by 10 or so degrees so I have to step out of the water until it returns to a proper temperature. Or sometimes it wants to go freezing cold and stay that way, even after I turn up the hot water all the way and the cold water off.

This I do not understand. Should I not be able to turn theknobs to the exact degree every time I shower? And should the water not stay that temperature without varying so that I have to interupt my shower by stepping away from the water or adjusting it (even though I know, 9 times out of 10, this will not be effective)? I understand how, toward the end of my shower, the water tends to cool so I may have to adjust it, especially if it’s a longer shower, but should I not be able to shower in peace?!

C’mon people! Where is the justice?

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